Cover Character: Prof. Dr. Michael McAleer.

Fellow of ASSA, IEMSS, MSSANZ and Distinguished Fellow of IETI.

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Dhurakij Pundit University Vice President Prof. Renu led the DPU delegation to attend IETI - ICEFS 2017 (Hong Kong).

About DPU: Founded on May 30, 1968 by Dr. Sawai Suthipitak and Mr. Sanan Ketudat and originally located at Phraram VI road, Klong Prapa. The name "Dhurakij Pundit" literally means Business Knowledge. The total student enrolment at all levels is approximately 20,000. Starting with just one program, today Dhurakij Pundit is proud to play host to more than ten different Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees across a variety of disciplines.

About ICEFS 2017: 2017 International Conference on Economics, Finance and Statistics was held in Hong Kong, people from Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa attened ICEFS 2017.