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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Yin Kwee, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


  • PGDipTHE Nanyang Technological University 1995
  • PhD University of Cambridge 1992
  • BEng(Hons) University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 1988

Eddie obtained a B.Eng (CL I) from Uni. of Newcastle upon Tyne; Ph.D at Cambridge Univ. with a Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship; PG Diploma in Teaching Higher Edu., NIE-NTU.

He published > 470 papers in SCI-IF int. journal (270); int. conf. proceedings (120), textbook chapters (91) and others (22) over the 24 years. Co-edited 13 books on “Cardiac Pumping and Perfusion Engineering” by WSP (2007); “Imaging and Modelling of Human Eye” by Artech (2008); “Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare, v.1” by ASP (2009); “Performance Evaluation in Breast Imaging, Tumor Detection & Analysis” by ASP (2010); “Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare, v.3” by ASP (2011); “Computational Analysis of Human eye with Applications” by WSP (2011); “Human Eye Imaging and Modeling” by CRC (2011); “Multimodality Breast Imaging” by SPIE (2013); “Image Analysis and Modeling in Ophthalmology”; “Ophthalmology Imaging and Applications” by CRC (2013, 2014); “Bio-inspired Surfaces and Applications” by WSP (2016); “Application of Infrared to Biomedical Sciences” by Springer (2016) and “Computation and Mathematical Methods in Cardiovascular Physiology” by WSP (in-press). Also, he also co-authored a text book: “Compressor Instability with Integral Methods” by Springer (2007). 

He is the lead Editor-in-Chief for the ISI Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology for dissemination of original research in all fields of mechanics in medicine and biology since 2000; Founding Editor-in-Chief for the ISI indexed Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics; Strategy Assoc. Editor-in-Chief for World Journal of Clinical Oncology; associate editor of eight referred international journals including Int. J. of Rotating Machinery; Computational Fluid Dynamics J.; Chinese J. of Medicine; The Open Medical Informatics J.; J. of Biomedical Science and Engineering; The Open Numerical Methods J.; J. of Healthcare Engineering, and, guest editor for the Int. Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine & Int. Journal of Medical Systems. 

His main area of research is thermal imaging, human physiology, biomedical engg; computational turbomachinery aerodynamics; micro-scale cooling problems; computational fluid dynamics & numerical heat transfer. His latest work on human eye biomechanics and burn injury thermal physics is being used in the space suits for intense thermal loading in planetary missions.

He is an invited keynotes speaker for more than 15 international scientific confs./workshops. He is active in offering consulting services & a fellow of SAF-NTU Academy. 15 of his thermal imaging papers have been adopted as references in both Singapore Standard (SS 582: 2013) and ISO/TR 13154:2009 / IEC 80601-2-59: 2008. He is also presently serving as panel member for the Biomedical Standards Committee, Singapore.

The affable adjunct NUH scientist has a special interest in infrared (IR) physics & technology and has contributed greatly to research on IR, in particular on application of IR to biomedical sciences. The co-inventor of 3 USA patents on multiple analytical software classifier programs to identify the different stages of breast cancer development using thermal data with Lifeline’s First Warning TM system, he further explores the use of IR in the field of ophthalmology for early detection of health abnormality. Those 3 patents have attracted more than USD10m from USA directly. This First Warning Systems are processed for the CE Mark currently & to be followed by clinical validation with FDA and market entry of the inventions in select European markets. He collaborates with fellow researchers from National Health Group Hospitals, also, Poland and USA so as to consistently achieve breakthrough such as concluding the possibility of using the Biofield Diagnostic System as a better objective assessment tool for complimentary breast cancer detection. 

More details like the latest H-index, SCI-total citations are available in & &

  • Interest:
    Thermal Imaging, Biomedical Engg. & Imaging, Turbomachinery Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Heat Transfer
  • Projects:
    Coupled CFD and Depth Integrated Modelling of Marine Structures
    The focus point of this EDB-DHI-IPP project is to improve on the correlation between the wave and depth-averaged properties obtained from DHI’s MIKE-21 and flow properties that are required as boundary conditions for the Navier-Stokes solver. The emphasis will be on the handling of the transitions between near-field and far-field in a logical manner, transiting from the far to the near-field.
    [CAE Lab, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of C-130 External Aerodynamics Flow Field
    To perform CFD investigative study with MINDEF-USAFA-RSAF for the external aerodynamic flow field in the vicinity of a military cargo airplane (e.g. C130H) during airdrop of supplies and hardware in order to assess aerodynamic interference effects on the trajectories of the airdrop. We apply 6 degree of motion freedom to the extraction parachute/cargo pallet to determine the actual trajectory rather than specifying the motion. 
    [CAE Lab, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Probability Model for Ignition of Gas Ingested by a Gas Turbine
    This EDB-IPP-ERIAN project with Lloyd’s Register GTC is to build a probability model for ignition of flammable gas ingested by a gas turbine engine computationally and validated experimentally. It aims to improve the comprehensiveness of the Quantitative Risk Analysis in the Norwegian oil and gas sector and other areas where gas turbine engines operate close to other equipment and gas sources.
    [ERIAN, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Development of A Coupled Simulation Methodology for Offshore Wind Turbines 
    This EDB-IPP project with Lloyd’s Register GTC is to analyse the various unsteady aerodynamic phenomena by means of higher order methods such as direct rotor modelling, actuator disc modelling and free vortex wake models, and using these analyses to develop an accurate and reliable analytical tool for floating offshore wind turbines aerodynamics using unsteady blade element momentum method (uBEM). 
    [ERIAN, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Optimal Structural Design of Wind Energy System
    This EDB-IPP project with DNV-GL & NTNU is to conduct design modeling, dynamic analysis and structural optimization of compliant structure in offshore wind application. We perform parametric study on concept against offshore wind environmental design drivers and design parameters.
    Ref: “Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Substructure - A Comparison Study between Four-Legged and Three-Legged Designs”, (2014), J. of Ocean and Wind Energy, 1(2): 74-81. 
    [ERIAN, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Integrated Wave Loads Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Platform Under Special and Complex Conditions
    Offshore floating wind technology is one of the key research and development directions in the wind energy sector. This EDB-DNV & NREL project aims to build and validate a FAST model of the SWAY prototype downwind floating wind turbine with open sea data. Refs.: “Building and Calibration of a FAST Model of the Sway Prototype Floating Wind Turbine”, (2013), 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications, ICRERA-2013, Paper ID:291. 978-1-4799-1464-7/13/©2013 IEEE. 
    [ERIAN, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Cancer-detecting Bra 
    Dense breast tissue presents a higher risk of breast cancer developing than breast tissue with low density. This denser tissue is related to higher rates of false positive and false negative results from mammography or ultrasound, leading to unnecessary breast biopsy surgeries or failure to detect abnormal tissue. This project with Cyrcadia Health, Inc. developed an original device that has achieved FDA 510K clearance with 650 patients and the on-going final 173 BI-RADS 4/5 patient trail at JamesCare Comprehensive Breast Center in Ohio State University and The El Camino Hospital in Silicon Valley is positively tested and is being commercialized for product release in 2016. 
    [NITHM, Biomedical & Sports]




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