Prof. Dr. Hossein Kazemian, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

I am a Chartered Chemist with many years of experience in Analytical, Environmental and Material Chemistry and team leadership in both academia and industry with extensive background on porous zeolitic materials from natural and synthetic zeolite to MOFs & ZIFs.

Developed several technology-based processes (up to pilot scales) and products (up to prototypes) and directed industrial scale projects 

Wrote many client-oriented R&D proposals and secured millions of dollars in funding from industries and government agencies by forecasting the trend of research and development in manufacturing novel materials for separation and catalyst applications.

Provided technical support as a senior consultant to several Canadian and International companies, helping them developing new products and marketing their technology-based products world-wide

Worked with, developed SOPs for and troubleshot many analytical instrumentation such as GC, HPLC, AA, ICP, TGA, DSC, BET, XRD, XRF, SEM, DVS, UV-vis, FTIR, DLS, KF, Radioanalytical techniques (Gamma, Alpha and Beta spectroscopy), etc.

Served as a member of editorial board of several international journals and as a member of scientific board of many international conference

Taught several chemistry courses such as analytical chemistry, general chemistry, material and environmental chemistry, etc. and facilitated many technical & scientific workshops

Published many scientific articles including 100plus papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, Books and Book Chapters, and 200plus presentations


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