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International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI), Hong Kong (founded in 2015), is the organization that promotes the innovations of engineering and technology across the world. In addition to traditional engineering and technology disciplines, Engineering includes Financial Engineering, Financial Econometrics, and Financial Statistics; and Technology includes Mathematics, Statistics, and Quantitative Social Sciences and Business.

IETI is also multi-disciplinary development comprehensive public research organization. Our mission is working to engineering and technology advances in the world. At present, IETI members include engineers and doctors and professors from engineering and technology and related affiliated departments.

The aim of IETI is to conduct collaborative interdisciplinary engineering and technology within its areas of expertise, and support engineering and technology innovations to meet the needs of society. We establish Journals and Conferences platforms for Participants from more than 300 Universities / Colleges / Institutes/ Companies / Hospitals / Governments in the world. IETI established partners relationships with more than 30 Colleges/ Journals/ Publishers/ Indexing/Database Companies/ Associations/ Technical Supporters.

We have Architecture; Art and Design; Economics and Finance; Management Sciences; Sports; Aeronautics, Aviation and Space; Chemistry; Computer and Communications; Construction, Civil and Structure; Education; Electrical, Electronics and Automation; Energy; Environment; Geoeingineering and Geomatics; Industry Engineering; Material; Mechanics; Mining Processing; Optics; Safety; Traffic and Transportation; Agriculture; Biology and Life Sciences; Mathematics and Statistics; Pharmacy and Medicine; Pharmacy and Medicine; Philosophy; Physics; Physiology; Psychology Sections.

2000 + Members
From Asia, Europe, North America, Australasia, Africa, South America and Central America

As a member: You can get latest IETI news.
You will be given priority to publish in IETI conferences/journals.
You will be given priority to obtain the best paper award and other awards.
You will be given priority to publish in SCI/SSCI/EI/Scopus indexing journals.
You can propose to co-organize and chair a new or existing conference or journal.
You can register the IETI conference/journal with a discounted price.
You will be assigned to be the committee or chair (editor) of the relevant IETI conferences/journals.
You will be invited to be the reviewer of the relevant IETI conferences/journals.
You will be invited to delivery a keynote speech at the relevant IETI conferences.
You could nominate the DF/F/EC/BD Candidate.
You could be elected as DF/F/EC/BD.

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