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    We can Recommend high quality papers to publish in SCI EI Journals. For general inquiries: SCIEI@IETI.NET

    SSCI Journals: Economics, Management.

    SCI Journals: Natural and water environment, marine coastline works.

    EI Journal 1 Topics: Computer Applications for Agriculture.

    EI Journal 2 Topics: Remote Engineering; Internet of Things; Cyber-physical Systems; Virtual Instrumentation; Online Simulations; Collaborative Networks; Cyber Cloud Technologies; Service Architectures; Virtual Organizations and Enterprises.

    EI Journal 3 Topics: Software / Distributed Systems; Knowledge Management; Semantic Web; MashUp Technologies; Platforms and Content Authoring; New Learning Models and Applications; Pedagogical and Psychological Issues; Trust / Security; Internet Applications; Networked Tools; Mobile / wireless; Electronics; Visualisation; Bio- / Neuroinformatics; Language /Speech; Collaboration Tools / Collaborative Networks.

    EI Journal 4 Topics: Computer Hardware, Computer Engineering.