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    2017 Volume 1 Issue 1


    A new definition of ergonomics
    Aleksandar Zunjic
    Pages: 1-6

    Comfortyping - program for grip comfort optimization
    Aydin Ünlü
    Pages: 7-11

    A new method and instrumentation for analyzing spasticity
    Lana Popović-Maneski, Antonina Aleksić, Radoje Čobeljić, Tadej Bajd, Dejan B. Popović
    Pages: 12-27

    Ergonomic and safety improvements of power tools
    Nemanja Bicanin
    Pages: 28-35

    Reflex hyperactivity of paraspinal muscles in etiology of back pain in helicopter pilots
    Stojan Jovelic
    Pages: 36-43


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